About Us

Ocean Scan Geo-Solutions Ltd

Ocean Scan Geo-Solutions Ltd is an oceanographic consulting company based in Trinidad specialising in the collection of oceanographic and hydrographic data to support engineering and environmental solutions. Our team comprises of qualified professionals who have international and local experience in the field of oceanography and hydrography. The company employs modern technology to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for oceanographic data acquisition. What differentiates Ocean Scan Geo-Solutions Ltd. from other companies is the ability to deliver oceanographic and hydrographic products at an affordable cost to clients.

Corporate Vision

To become the premier choice for high quality oceanographic, hydrographic, met-ocean and coastal zone measurements in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Ocean Scan Geo-Solutions Ltd will achieve this corporate vision through;

  • Optimization of current survey and deployment strategies to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for clients
  • The use of relevant equipment, tools, procedures and strategies to provide high quality datasets
  • The rigid use of a Quality Assurance / Quality Control System
  • A QHSE system, sound corporate social and environmental responsibilities


The safety policy at Ocean Scan Geo-Solutions is to maintain a Zero Accident/ Incident Operation. Before commencing survey activities the team leader performs a job hazard analysis, followed by toolbox meeting. All operations are performed adhering to Health Safety and Environment (HSE) rules and regulations. All safety procedures, job hazard analyses and job safety analyses are provided by qualified HSE personnel